Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In the event that Reese's happenings are not the biggest news in your life here are some current tidbits:
  • Castro resigned and supposedly his brother is going to implement some reform.
  • Most of the recalled beef has already been consumed. Isn't that yummy?
  • Blue Ray vs. HD DVD ends. Blue Ray it is.
That's enough "real news" for now. The big news is Reese's skills OF COURSE!

okay so this is not really a skill, but I think the crazy tongue is funny. That's saltine cracker bits stuck to his chin. He seems to really like the saltiness.
He got a spinning top toy for his birthday and he can actually depress the plunger himself, so he's pretty happy with himself about that. So far he hasn't noticed the kitchen cabinets, but he thinks it's pretty fun to sit under the table and play kitchen tent.

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