Saturday, November 3, 2007

Costume, Carrot, and Cat

The sweet pea in his Halloween costume! The snap under his chin is undone so he can breathe and the top pea practically covers his face, but he was very tolerant while Mommy and Mimi took photos. Here is a full body shot of Reese in his costume. His toes were to the very tip and the sleeves were so bulky that he was practically in a straight jacket.

This carrot is cold from the fridge...he could not gnaw on it enough! I imagine it felt pretty good on his gums. We had a little break from the teething routine, but it is now back in full force.

This is Reese's new jumperoo. He test drove his friend, Lincoln's jumperoo and seemed to really like it. So we added it to the Christmas list. I convinced Kyle that was too long to wait. We'd miss 2 months of good usage time. Of course the new model only has 3 height levels, so while Lincoln's worked just fine for Reese this new one is a little high so I had to pad the floor with foam play mats to make his toes touch. He just loves it!!

He took a few minutes to figure out the jumping part but quickly got the hang of it and jumped all his energy out until he pooped out.

Tara was intrigued with the camera and popped over to check it out after I started to take a photo, so here is her partial portrait.

Reese is modeling his Uncles Travis and Dylan's hand me down football sweatshirt.

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