Friday, April 20, 2012

My Arteeest!

Today I walked past the easel and did a double take. I looked again and called Reese. I asked him who drew this picture of Hulk. He said "I did it all by myself. Are you impressed?" Except he says impressed funny. In a cute little boy with a new word way.He has spent a good chunk of time every single day for months working on coloring, tracing and now free hand drawing. And YES I am totally impressed. I feel like his heart is as good as one I'd draw. He wrote his name and the X to "sign" his work. I haven't figured out why he needs both. The letters at the bottom "OAM" apparently they say "HULK." The black bumps he drew on Hulk's arms are his biceps. Reese was very adamant that I notice the biceps. I love that he has teeth and hair and toes!!
He is very proud of his artwork and we must save EVERY.SINGLE.PAGE he draws or colors, even coloring book pages. He discovered one in the recycle bin once and had an absolute conniption fit. I assured him I had no idea how that outrageous mistake could've been made and we pulled it out...hooray.
I am sure we are neglecting some other skill to focus so much on this one, but I am so happy with his drawing. This time last year I was a little worried all his preschool classmates were drawing stick people or other things that looked like beings while Reese's artwork looked like scribble. I am quite relieved that not only has he caught up but I think he's doing super well. We are very proud of our in-house artist!

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