Thursday, April 5, 2012


The boys slept at Gigi's last night. They woke up at 7am...we never get up before 9am at our house, so they were tired. I convinced them to lay down for a rest with not too much complaint because I said we couldn't color eggs until after the resting. Within 15 minutes they were asleep. When Reese woke up almost 3 hours later he immediately popped up in bed and announced "I'm ready to color eggs!"
We used a jumbo muffin tin and koolaid as dye. My safeway had a very limited assortment of koolaid colors which kind of surprised me.

Each boy got to do 6 eggs. Gus was WAY into. Reese was a nice brother and gave one of his to Gus so they did 7 and 5...everyone seemed happy.
Gus still looks not quite awake.He perked up to taste his koolaid tinged fingers.Reese promptly got busy drawing, coloring, and cutting out artwork.Reese's rendering of our eggs sitting in the carton to dry.
Tada! Our completed colored eggs.

Um, yeah I need to google silver polishing methods for my Nana's Easter basket.

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