Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

We started the morning off with our egg hunt!
Then we hunted for the Easter baskets. Gus excitedly showed his dad his Angry Birds shirt. He was SUPER excited about it.
Reese has been asking for this Spiderman dvd since Christmas. He asked again on his birthday. The Easter Bunny finally came through. He loves it!
His Darth Maul Pop bobblehead joined his Star Wars bobblehead family.
Reese announced he knew a good place for them to be. He decided to put them on top of his preemie diaper, hat, wristband shadow box.
He was very happy with his Easter morning.

We went to church with Kyle's parents. I should've asked his mom to take more than one photo because I hate the double chin look I'm sporting!
Then we had dinner at Kyle's parents house with both our families and Kyle's mom's best friend's family. I couldn't get my camera to focus on my mom's deviled chick.
We finished with the individual rainbow cakes.
Easter turned out to be the best weather of 2012! It was a perfect sunny day and the mountains were crisp and clear. Why can't I remember to take photos of the people and the mountains?!?!!?

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