Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Prep

Saturday night we did our Easter prep. We did potluck style Easter dinner with our parents and Kyle's mom's best friend's family. Our potluck contribution was dessert. We made individual rainbow cakes.
Gus is not much for taking turns. He screamed "NO, me do it! Me do it, too!" every single time it was Reese's turn to add something. Reese doesn't like to crack eggs so he let Gus do all 3, but it was not enough. Of course the nano-second the bowl came back to Gus to add something it was all sunshine and rainbows again.
We made white cake, divided it into 4 bowls, added pink, purple, yellow and blue dye then layered them into 8oz. wide mouth mason jars about half way. I baked them on a cookie sheet about 3 minutes more than the cupcake instructions.
Since we were taking them to Kyle's parent's house the next morning I just put the mason jar lids and bands on to keep them fresh and easily portable.
Once the boys were in the bed we did our Easter morning prep...egg collecting baskets in the bedroom doorway. Since I wanted them to go to sleep I didn't tell them there would be an egg hunt. So I wanted to make sure the boys didn't miss the baskets.
The eggs were "hidden" with care.
I was awakened I am sure before dawn to Gus' face and a basket in my face, "what's this, Mommy?!?!?!" I about hit the ceiling I jumped so far. So we got up and egg hunted. Since we didn't see any baskets I told them they must've caught the bunny in the act of hiding the eggs, so they better get back in bed and close their eyes so he could finish with their baskets. And they did!!! We slept for about 2 more hours!
When we got up I asked Reese if he found an Easter basket. He said "No, but we did our best to close our eyes, we really tried." He seemed to completely accept that there would be no Easter basket. Bless his heart he was so sweet. I suggested we check the basement and they quickly found their loot!
The Easter Bunny left a little candy, a C3PO Pop bobblehead, angry bird shirt and Muppets Treasure Island for Gus.
The Darth Maul Pop Bobblehead, angry birds shirt, Season 1 of the Amazing Spiderman cartoon and a Scooby dvd. So glad we got only a few candy items because the bunny left a TON of candy at the grandparents' houses.
We have so much candy it's ridiculous! This year we discovered no one likes Junior Mints. Really, none of them will eat them. They aren't my favorites or anything, but who doesn't like Junior Mints in pretty Easter colors? Gus was overjoyed with his purple peeps though. He carried them to church and to the grandparent's house.

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