Sunday, June 26, 2011


Gus is TWO years old today! He is growing so fast. Five more pounds and he'll catch up to Reese. He says a zillion words, loves cars and trucks, motorcycles, trains, puzzles, Little People, superhero suits and especially playing outside. Of course he also wants to play whatever Reese is playing.

This was way back on Day One.
He's wearing his cow suit at about 3 months old.
Cute cue ball at 6 months.
One year old!
At 18 months old he went to his first Children's museum visit.
Sit and spin at about 21 months.
Right before going to bed for the very first time as a two year old.
I can't believe this sweet boy has been here two years already. Gus is so sweet and cuddly and becoming just a little bit ornery too. We sure do love this boy.


Jen Preston said...

Heather the last picture of Reese and Gus is super cute! Gus is such a little boy. How did that happen??

Our Homeschool Fun said...

I am such a dork. I thought I left my comment on this post, not the well baby one. Sorry!

Well, it still stands :-). So, I'll leave the well baby appt. comment here...I am glad all went well and he is growing healthy and strong just as he should be. Such a blessing.