Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 year Well Baby Appointment

Gus, aka The Green Lantern, had his 2 year old well baby appointment. He weighed 25 1/2 pounds which is 15th percentile for weight. His percentile dropped from the last check up. He measured 35 inches tall or 68th percentile...a significant jump from last time. Since he suddenly has no round belly and he usually does AND he is having a hard time getting comfy the last week or so when we sit in the rocker, I suspect he just got taller all of a sudden.
he has 50+ words and understands when people speak to him and points and engages with people and whatnot. He can move and run and climb and such. So...nothing at all to report. Normal across the board. The doctor was not concerned with his weight percentile drop since he still happily eats a variety of fruits and veggies and seems to have shot up in height. We assume the next round of growth will be some weight instead of height to balance it out.
As we were finishing up he started on the "Why?" routine. The doc thought he was a little early for that. I've been thinking we were on the downward slope of the whys because it's been non-stop for a couple of months now. It's hard to judge what is typical because Reese really just had his Why? phase immediately before Gus started...so significantly later than typical I guess.
A highlight of the visit was no shots. So all in all a great report. Gus is doing everything he is supposed to and nothing he is not.

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

LOVE that first pic of Gus, Heather :-).

Happy, Happy Birthday to Gus!!

Like you, I can't believe our babies are either two, or in my case, will be two in a little over two months :(. OH, it goes so fast!

Gus seems like such a sweet boy with a personality all his own :-).