Friday, June 3, 2011


We went to IMAGINE! Children's Museum in Everett last weekend. It is AWESOME! We totally want to move up there so we can go everyday! Seriously, it was that cool. There was so much we couldn't do everything. The rooftop is an outdoor play area.
ALL the boys enjoyed the dinosaur bone area. There's a huge dino skeleton as well as smaller bones on the ground covered in rubber mulch for excavating.
They really enjoyed digging out the bones.
Gus enjoyed collecting all the shovels best though. I'm hoping this is an effort to clean up, not be a hoarder.
Inside the bank vault is an area with steel plate money thing. You use money shaped paper to make a dollar bill rub.
There's a giant sized connect 4 style game using big coins.
They have a cool black light glow room. All the building shapes are transparent neon acrylic. It also has a big "light brite" style wall. Super cool.
This is Reese on the screen. The colors change as you move around. We spent a lot of time jumping around like Spiderman in this room.
This is the front half of a real bus. You can walk up the stairs and drop in your fare. The driver's seat has all the controls and a working microphone so Reese could instruct his passengers to "move on back."
We spent the bulk of our time up on the rooftop. It has about 7 or 8 slides on the playground.
The boys tried out the big musical instrument area.
Reese got into it a little bit more than Gus.
Reese took off up this climbing wall like a pro. I think this may have been his highlight.
Gus really liked the slides best.
We will definitely be going back. I wish it was a little bit closer. We are considering buying a membership, but there's no way to know if Kyle will work in Everett again, much will we use it? 80 miles is pretty far for a play day at a place that closes at 5pm. Perhaps if we ever become morning people we could get there in a timely fashion. :)

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

OK, this seriously looks like the coolest children's museum I've ever seen! I checked out their site and it is an amazing place! That dino boneyard looks as cool as the one in Disney World. I see why y'all loved it so much!