Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day!

We had our first snowy day on Monday! I got online at about 8am to check for school closures. School was open, but Reese doesn't start until 12:15pm so we headed out at about 10:30 am to play. The boys have their matching eye ball felted wool hats. We bought these from a vendor at the Blackberry Festival. She was also at the Lavender Festival and the NKHS craft fair.This was Gus' first snow ever and the first snow that Reese was really excited about. Gus was displeased with how cold it made it hands, but otherwise seemed to enjoy it unlike his brother at this age. If they weren't complaining that their hands hurt from the cold snow I'm sure they would've played outside much longer. (Ok so if they didn't require parental supervision they probably would've stayed out longer despite their hurting hands.)
Reese really got into throwing snowballs. Unfortunately he couldn't make them himself. He wanted Mommy to keep making more...
...this many more!
Later in the day the snow really picked up. I slid a little on the road getting Reese from school at 3pm (preschool closed 45 minutes early.) I took this photo below of the playground about 5pm.
About 8pm Poppop knocked on the door....he stopped at the gas station down the street on his way home from work and got stuck in the standstill of traffic. He walked up the hill to our house to have some dinner. We threw Star Trek on the BluRay and alternated watching the movie and the standstill traffic out the front window. He finally left about 11pm thinking all the traffic would be gone, but still hit stand still traffic. It turned his 20 minute drive into 2 1/2 hours.
We went to bed thinking there would be a 2 hour delay for work, but woke up to discover work was closed! (That provides 8 hours of pay without taking leave!) Kyle already put in for leave on Wednesday and Friday. Thursday, of course, is a paid holiday. SO...That means 6 days off in a row and it only cost 16 hours of leave time. woo hoo!!! Luckily we didn't lose power. I did quite a bit of shopping in anticipation of the holiday and the potential for the grocery workers' union going on strike right before, so we are set for food. We did wake up to no hot water...actually no water came out of the faucet when the hot side was on. We have a tankless water heater that actually hangs on the exterior of the house. As the sun came out it thawed whatever the problem was and we have hot water now. So we're doing good on our snow days!

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

Snow is only about once every 10 years here :(. We got our snow last year. This winter is supposed to be unseasonably warm--blech! I LOVE their hats!