Thursday, November 11, 2010


We met some friends at JUMP and this time I remembered my camera. The first time we went I was so bummed I forgot my camera, but really it is impossible to get a good photo!
Reese always goes down on his belly so I can never get a shot of his face!

I'm not sure what came over Gus, but he felt the need to wrestle with Atticus. I was surprised he just kept jumping right on him like wrestling is his typical mode of play. Atticus seemed to take it in stride until he'd decided he'd had enough. I think Gus would have just kept on going.

Anya suggested to Reese and Maisey that they run over to the slide, they could go down holding hands. They agreed to give it a try. Here they are going up the ladder part trying to hold hands. It was too cute!

Gus really liked the bouncy house. There is no place to get stuck or lost and I can go in with him.

Finally a clear photo of Reese's face! He's on his way out of the bouncy house here. Everyone had fun and we are excited to go back!


Our Homeschool Fun said...

We have a place like this near us too and the kids love going. Looks like your boys like it too:-)!!

So, is Atticus a friend? Gus is funny wrestling!!

Love the belly slide:-). Joe used to do that.

Julie said...

Fun times!! My boys love the Jump places too!