Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Last Hurrah?

There is talk about snow. It is chilly some days, but there's still some sun. We were headed out the door the other day to go to the grocery store when we decided to take advantage of the last of the sunny days. I ended up running out of time to get all the errands done, but the boys have a blast.

Gus really didn't get to take advantage of the sandbox this summer because he still puts everything in his mouth. I just can't do eating sand. Gross.
Even still it only took him a moment to figure out it's easier to play with the stuff if you just hop in.
Gus immediately set out to feel as much sand flowing through his fingers as he could. He flung some around for good measure.
Reese has NEVER gotten in the sandbox. He prefers to squat along the sides and play from the outside, frequently brushing the sand off of his hands.

Now Gus is using the same bucket and shovel that Reese was using. I'm not sure if he hasn't quite figured out he can do the same activities with similar toys, that he doesn't need to use the exact same things or is it just that he wants to do and use everything Reese does.
It's pretty constant that Gus wants to do what his brother does, but it's pretty funny how much Reese follows Gus' lead on the more adventurous stuff.
He did manage to coax Reese into the box. No sitting just yet, but he is in.
This is Reese's new favorite pose. Some lovely child from school must have showed it to him.

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

LOVE his new pose:-)!

Jesse is a definite everything in the mouth sand eater and it drives me crazy!! Seriously, he puts every single thing straight into his mouth!!