Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 2 in SD

We have internet here BUT half the time it doesn't work. It is incredibly frustrating so most days I don't even attempt. Today I finally got on so here are some new photos.Reese helping with the laundry.
the boys playing Daddy's new game: World of War Craft
still watching Daddy's computer screen
ride 'em cowboy!
Eating a burger at Islands Restaurant

This week we moved to a way better apartment, went to the pool a few times, watched 2.5 seasons of Six Feet Under, Smart People, and What Happens in Vegas (LOVED IT!). We checked out Fashion Valley Mall. Mostly we played with blocks A LOT and read some books--Reese likes more than just the Hungry Caterpillar now. He is really enjoying hanging out with his Daddy.

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anya* said...

What did you think of Smart People? We saw that in the theater a few months back and thought it was pretty funny.