Friday, September 12, 2008

A New Season of Canning

My mom's group got together for a full day of canning. 7 moms, 4 infants, 7 toddlers, a preschooler and later in the day 2 elementary school kids.....I think I'm getting everyone in the count. Lots of crazy kid chaos, friendly catching up chats, discipline tips and good times. Reese taking advantage of snacktime

hmm what's this?
fun canning jar rings!!

We put up about a dozen quarts of no sugar added applesauce, 2 dozen jars of plum jelly and 2 dozen jars of blackberry jam. YUM!

With so many people we had to spill outside. Deborah and Julie on kid duty with Devon, John Paul and Matthew.
Anya with the apples and Amy and Jeanette in the background are on kitchen rotation.


Heather and Reese scrubbing pots for the next round of cooking down fruit.

Amy slaving over the hot stove cooking down pot after pot of apples.

Jeanette and baby Audrey just keep 'em coming.

Jennica and baby Abby enjoying a snack break.

baby Austin just chillin' the day away in his seat watching all the action

Reese trying to snatch an apple from the stash.

Julie and John Paul heading home with a box full of yummy homemade goodies!

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