Saturday, September 6, 2008

Reese's First Concert

I was hearing this loud bass for awhile and I was thinking GRRRR these neighbors better turn down their music before Reese needs to go to bed. They didn't so I went out on the porch to check it out and heard cheering. So Reese and I got our shoes on and went out in search of the music that I now believed to be live. Right behind our apartment complex is an outdoor amphitheater. So we walked over to the fence line and found a spot where we could see. They sounded good so I thought "hmm maybe I'll buy their cd." I asked a lady who was playing and it was Bob Dylan! Can you believe it? Reese's first concert was a rock legend. I bet you had no idea I was such a cool mom.


The White House said...

And the same name as uncle Dylan, well...sort of. Bob Dylan so good ya wanted to buy a cd huh? shockingly!

Julie said...

good thing you asked who was playing, otherwise, it would have been just another band. Oh and I have always thought you were a cool mom!