Monday, August 25, 2008

warm pool water woo hoo!

blue smile after blue raspberry icee at the SD wild animal park

Sunday we barbecued with the guys from work. The apartment complexes here have grills at their pools so we were able to a have all the fixins. Reese LOVED the pool. He jumped in off the edge and splashed around and put his face in. I think going swimming in a pool that isn't freezing a la all Washington pools was really exciting for him. And we've been able to avoid sunburn so far. But we did lose his cute sun hat at the wildlife park, so I'll avoid swimming around the noonish high sun until we get a replacement hat.
Tomorrow we are moving from our dumpy (moldy and stinky) apartment to one that we here is really nice and it's got laundry in it and it's walking distance to Costco and Ikea and the trolley. That's important since Reese and I have no car and would no doubt get a little stir crazy. My new Kathy Reichs book comes out tomorrow so we'll hit Barnes and Noble while wait for check in time at the new place. Then hopefully Reese will nap nicely so I can start reading my new book.

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The White House said...

It looks like Reese has his two adult front teeth in this first picture! WOW! Adorable! Looks like you're having fun by all of those smiles! Hows the new habitat? L-O-v-E you're new layout heather. very nice and not too girly!