Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Catch Up

Let's back up a bit: Tuesday we rode the ferry to Seattle to go to Reese's surgery followup at Swedish. He found the round spin chairs on the upper deck endlessly amusing. Doesn't he look like a bog boy?
Then Wednesday to Friday we went to Spokane to take Uncle Travis to school. Here is the boy mere seconds after a nap with some crazy hair.
Saturday was so HOT. We went to Mimi's swimming pool. Then he checked out the deck.
and the radio.
Tuesday we left for San Diego. Reese rode the airporter for the first time.
He chatted with all his fellow passengers.
We got to visit the cockpit becasue it was Reese's first flight. The pilots said hi and the flight attendant held him for a photo--he was a little unhappy with a stranger hoisting him up.
Sitting in the EMPTY chair next to me--woo hoo--reading his book.
Finally in his car seat in Daddy's rental Mustang.


The White House said...

so exciting! first flight! see ya in sept!

Julie said...

So you're gone, huh. I knew it would be soon. Keep us updated with all of the exciting things that you are doing in SD!