Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun in the Sprinkler

It was SUPER HOT so we played in the pool and the sprinkler on Tuesday. Reese didn't care for the sprinkler quite as much as Briar and Delaney did--it was COLD water.Delaney was trying to convince him to play, but he was pretty firmly rooted to one spot in shock form the spray of the sprinkler.

yucky girl kisses!!!

He really likes to splash big now -- you can kind of see the splatter he's making. He got tons of water in his eyes. Luckily our little pool has no chlorine. ha ha

Delaney and Briar are grooving in the sprinkler. Reese retired to the pool.

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Jen said...

Where is his life jacket? The kid has on more gear than anything, and those little girls are running around in just bathing suits. He couldn't be any cuter, though! Hope to see you soon! Let me know when the zucchini is ripe!