Wednesday, October 3, 2007


We are now in the swing of Kyle working 12 hour shifts. It's quite annoying that he has to drive to Bangor instead of walking to PSNS. Not only does it deprive Reese and I of a vehicle but it really adds a lot of time to the day. AND since they have a meeting today the night guys have to go in early so the day people can leave on time. I think they should split the difference. So that leaves time to eat, shower and leave essentially. SO in my wonderful wifeyness I decided to make homemade pizza for my honey. Homemade with yeast! It's actually pretty simple. You just have to plan ahead so your dough has time to rise. Unfortunately Reese got a bit cranky during the kneading process so he got dough in his hair. But they turned out great! I made one with fresh baby portabella mushrooms and one with pepperoni.

Reesie is grabbing Daddy's cheese and shoving it in! But we didn't let him eat it because of the no dairy rule. I think he's ready to move on from his baby foods. We have had 2 days of carrots. I'm wondering how strict is the 4 days of a food to check for allergies. He hasn't had any problems yet and he really likes eating. I want to try something new every 2 days. We have green beans and bananas and pears to get to!

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