Tuesday, October 16, 2007

8 month old Birthday!

Reese's birthday started with peaches and rice cereal for breakfast followed by a good gum brushing...preparing for teeth.

Then on to the bath - he totally loves it now and he even cooperates during the dry off process.

We tried out the sippy cup for the first time and he successfully drank about an ounce from it before he grew weary of it and demanded his bottle.

We also tried a baby snack mums that all the mommies group babies love. Reese grabs at our food and licks it so I thought he'd appreciate a snack he can hold in his hand and actually get to keep. It broke off a big chunk which stuck to his gums and immediately after the photo he screamed horribly. So it either scared him or it tasted bad, I guess. We'll try again another day.

Reesie played with Daddy while Mommy cooked and then snuggled with Mommy.

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