Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reese's Birthday Party

Reese asked to have a "friend party" for the first time this year. In the past we've always had a party at our house with just family present and it's been a full house. This year we decided to have a destination party since February wouldn't allow for an outdoor BBQ. We headed to JUMP! for a bouncy house party.
Reese, Gus and ten friends had the bouncy house place to themselves for an hour. Six of the kids knew each other and have played together (bounced even) before, but four of the kids only knew Reese. Everyone got along really well. I think there were even some new friendships were forged among the older siblings.At the end of the allotted bouncing time all the guests gathered for a group shot. Instead of "cheese" they were supposed to yell "JUMP!" for the photo which of course led to a lot of actual jumping. I'm not sure that we got a really good shot. Now that I'm writing this I realize I didn't get a photo from the place. I'll have to email them about that.Reese loved his "friend" party! My dad took photos with his fancy camera, but he left his card reader at home. I was kind of waiting for some good photos from him, but he has to process them. As you can see I'm fine with posting my SOOC shots. Ha ha, so forgive my cruddy photos.After our bouncy house time we headed to the party room for birthday cake!Reese and all his friends gathered round the Scooby Doo table to sing "Happy Birthday" and for cake and juice boxes.Then it was time for presents. They set up two chairs so Reese could sit in one to open his gifts and his gift giving friend could sit next to him. I think the friend's were as excited to have Reese open the gift and he was to get the gift. Oh yeah, I think we may have just become a "friend party" family from here on out. Gus is busy planning his Thomas the Train party now.

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