Friday, February 17, 2012

BIG Boy Beds

Gus normally describes himself as "Mommy's baby" in response to any remark indicating he's big, a boy, or in any way belonging to Daddy. But the other night he announced, "I am big....because I growing. My bed too old." He proceeded to spend the next couple of nights on Reese's floor as not only was the crib for babies but apparently the whole room had become beneath him.A couple of nights he slept on blankets on the floor, then I brought in his crib mattress. Then Sunday afternoon at about 3 pm we decided to head to IKEA. We dropped the boys off at Grandma's, removed the car seats, put the chairs into the sto and go floor area and headed out. We came home with this low bunk bed. Once it was built we headed out to choose sheets. They got jersey sheets. Reese chose blue and Gus chose purple (of course).They begin each night on top together. Gus is so excited by this whole concept he won't stop talking and touching Reese. Eventually Reese yells "Gus is making me nervous" (aka getting on his nerves) and I move him to the bottom. They both love the new bed. They like sharing a room. It is still taking a solid 90 minutes to 2 hours for them to fall asleep. I'm hoping once the newness and excitement wears off that will go back to normal. They both wake up earlier since they're in the same room. I hope that wears off too.
They both noticed Reese's shadowboxed preemie diaper, hat and hospital wristband since they can now see it at eye level on the top bunk. That has provided lots of hysterical giggles and shrieks "Tiny baby diaper! Funny!"

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

I love your quilt background.

This is a super funny post as far as what Gus said and did about growing up and not sleeping in his room :-). It's sad though, no more crib :(. I will be there so soon along with you and I have no idea how it will actually feel to take that crib down. I know it will be hard, but I just try every day to appreciate the fact that we are so healthy and so happy and look forward to all that we can do together every day now that everyone is getting bigger.

I LOVE their bed!! They look adorable in it. Funny too about Reese getting 'nervous'. Sounds like the stuff coming out of Jack's room at night when Joe sleeps in there.

They are such good friends, Heather. I love seeing them together.