Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crazy Sleepers

I do not understand what goes on at night. These boys are some crazy sleepers.We put a pillow at each end so they could each have their "own space" without squishing each other. Somehow they both ended up off the pillows squeezed at Reese's end.
Since Gus has a button down shirt on with sweats I'm thinking this was a naptime....Gus had to leave room in the bed for the Lego building in progress. Reese has his feet on the pillow.
This was what I saw when I walked by to go to the kitchen. Reese has his Captain America shield blocking his eyes from the glare of the kitchen light. He was complaining about it earlier. I thought he just fell asleep when he got quiet. But I guess he just solved his problem. Gus...well Gus just can't stay on the bed.

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