Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My New Business

Want to know what cool stuff is in this box? Let's schedule a party!

Dear Friends, I started an exciting new business venture. I decided to become a consultant with the Thirty-One. I've done a couple catalog parties with a lady in Alabama, but I really wanted a home show. I've had difficulty finding someone so I decided to just become one myself. I'm really excited to get this business going and have visions of it being so fantastic my husband can quit his day job to help me out. ha ha! Until such time I'm going to earmark this as our Disneyland or bust fund. I'm really hopeful this business can fund a trip to Disney in 2013.

The company offers some really great bags (you know I love me some good bags!) in super cute fabrics. Honestly, I want just about every single one. Thirty-One's mission is to Celebrate, Encourage and Reward women in whatever season of life they are living. We all need a little celebrating, encouraging and rewarding. We all need help organizing and looking stylish. I'm thinking Thirty-One will be the perfect outlet to let me keep being a stay at home, contribute some income to our family and connect with some great friends.

I really do want you to schedule a party...I need 3 by February 24, 6 by March 24 and 12 by April 24. I'd prefer to front load them so I'm not anxiety riddled about meeting those goals. BUT since you may need some celebrating, encouraging and rewarding I'm not going to make you wait! You can shop and order online for my LAUNCH PARTY!

Follow this LAUNCH PARTY link to view the catalog and place your order online. The special is for every $31 you spend get an additional item at 31% off. If you spend $62 you get 2 items at 31% off and they do not have to be equal or lesser value. You can spend $31 and then get the $149 bag at 31% off. Woo hoo!!!

Once I get my kit all opened and reviewed I'll come back with some cool use ideas for you. Thanks, friends!

Love, Heather

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