Friday, February 25, 2011

The Range

While my dad was here we decided to go out to the shooting range.
This particular gun is a little much for me especially with magnum rounds. We forgot to take photos using the 38s. I didn't actually hit the target much with this gun.
My dad and Kyle both had better luck (it's their experience I'm sure) than me.
They are working on the normal pistol range so we had to use these "bays" with a cool metal target thing on the left. There are six metal circles that make a very satisfying clink when you hit them. There is only one left standing in this photo. Then we used these cool neon under black targets so when you hit you see a neon splat around the bullet hole which is very helpful from way back where we have to stand.
We had fun and will definitely take my dad back again.


Susana said...

I have never shot a gun! You are making me smile big holding that gun:-).

JessieLeigh said...

I've never shot a gun either!

(p.s. Tomorrow will be 1 month. I'm having serious Benza withdrawals... ;))