Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jump, Jump, Jump Around!

We went to Jump! I think 2 weeks ago (wow I'm slow to report) with some friends. The boys love the bouncy houses. Gus is still a little short to be able to get inside on his own, but he doesn't hesitate to let me know he wants up.

This is the big open jump house. In the past I've always had to jump with Gus, but he really took off on his own this time. It always amazes how different he his from how Reese was at this age. Gus is much more adventurous and just jumps right in without hesitating.
They went down the slide tons. It is very exhausting because I have to lug Gus up to the top...whew it's a lot of cardio.
Reese had a great time.
This is what he thought about leaving.

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