Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birthday with Grandpa

Last week we celebrated Reese's birthday and his great-grandpa's birthday at Kyle's parents' house. Reese turned 4 on the 16th and GGpa turned a bit older the day before. We had a nice visit with the great grandparents a couple nights last week and a shopping outing. Reese was VERY interested in Grandpa's loot. He helped open the cards and was right there at Grandpa's lap during all the opening process.
Reese and Gus were both really excited about Reese's gift. This is a dog bank. With each drop of a coin the ears wiggle and the dog barks. They love it. I guess now we need to start an allowance system so he can keep dropping coins in!!
We had lots of fun and we'll try to keep doing a joint party every February.


Our Homeschool Fun said...

Such a sweet picture of Reese and his Grandpa. Special too that they share bdays so close together. My bday is the same day as my Grandma's and it's always been pretty neat.

That is an adorably fun bank!

JessieLeigh said...

What a fun bank! And it seems like you can see your boys' personalities so well in that last shot too. So cute. :)