Sunday, December 19, 2010

Visiting the Oral Surgeon

 Reese had his consultation with the oral surgeon on Friday.  While we were waiting I noticed the tables were full of Arthritis Today and AARP magazines.  Not exactly kid oriented.
 They needed to take an xray that was a more full mouth view. Of course the xray machine didn't go low enough. Reese had to stand on a stool, then she had to go in search of a phone book and then a second phonebook.
 Reese used the equipment like Batman's plane.
Once we got everything rigged up for him he got his xray. The doctor held him up so he didn't fall off the phone books. He advised us to keep an eye on the situation in case anything changed, but otherwise to come back once Reese's bottom teeth fall out. They would xray at that point to verify the tooth's presence and placement and take it out at that point. He said at age 3 a person's head is about 80-90% it's full size, but the face is only 30%By age 6 there will be a huge growth spurt making it easier and safer to access the extra tooth for removal. He said the scar tissue that would form as a result of the surgery could actually prevent the permanent teeth from pushing through if it has too long to build, if we wait until he's 6ish then the permanent teeth would come in before the scar tissue gets to progressed.
So...we don't have to do anything for a few years...hooray!
This local guy says he is comfortable doing work on children, but it is perfectly fine if I am more comfortable with a pediatric oral surgeon. So I think when the bottom teeth fall out I'll ask for the referral to The Children's Hospital of Seattle Oral Surgery.

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

The last picture is funny of him standing up in the machine on his "boosters".

I know you are relieved to not have to do anything yet! Hanna had to have a couple teeth removed like this in first grade and we made it though ok, and the permanents are now in fine too! She has had issues like this with teeth from the start. Now, we are awaiting braces, sigh...not yet though.