Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hands On Children's Museum

On Monday we got up bright and early and headed to Olympia to the Hands On Children's Museum with two other families. It was tons of fun. The boys both really enjoyed it.  Gus did fantastic even though I woke him up early and he skipped his nap. They napped in the car on the way home. Then we picked Daddy up and headed out to dinner. It was an all day event and I think they'd have gladly stayed longer!
Reese making his farmer's market purchases

Reese playing with the crane

Reese and Lincoln operating the crane

Reese and Gus getting rocks out of the shed

Gus approves!

Gus painting

Gus and Atticus checking out the rocks in the dumptruck

Gus driving the dumptruck

one cute boy

Reese in the tree house

Reese driving the delivery truck...reading the map

Gus enthralled with the bakery

Reese collecting eggs

Gus running off with his fruit selection
This week they were offering buy one get one free yearly memberships.  My friend would've paid 2/3 of the membership for just that one day so she joined and gave us the extra membership for $25.  I am really excited to go back. I'm hoping we can make it monthly outing!

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

You got some super cute pictures of this day. Reese in that crane is adorable, his smile is so big. Gus's "approval clap" is precious. He looks so handsome too in his sweater and button up shirt. Every time I see him smile big his teeth remind me of just how Jesse's look--love it:-).