Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We've been missing in action this past week because we've jumped on the Twilight bandwagon and have been totally sucked in. We let Twilight get to the top of our Netflix list by accident. We grudgingly decided to at least try to watch it before we sent it back. About 20 minutes in Kyle actually turned his laptop off to focus on the movie. As soon as the credits rolled he said "Part 2 is next on the list right?" Ha it wasn't even on the list because we figured it would be so ridiculous we'd never want to see it.  Of course we quickly added it to the list in the #1 spot. We watched New Moon a couple of days later. Kyle briefly joined Team Jacob during this one (to my shock and amazement.) Then 2 days after that was Saturday, the release of movie #3. We decided we couldn't wait for Netflix to mail it to us, so I went out and joined a brick and mortar movie rental place (yeah they actually still exist)We watched Eclipse on Saturday and then again on Monday when we got it from Netflix. I got all 4 books from the library and read them in less than a week. Of course I had to stay up until 4:30am a couple of days. But I didn't even nap with Gus because I just had to keep reading!! Ha ha. Kyle bought the Twilight Tours book and wants to head to Forks to check it out in the summer.  Kyle has even been bantering around the idea of Isabella as a girl baby name.  Does Bella Benza sound dumb?  
Now we're just debating if we should wait for all the movies to come out in a boxed set or if we should buy the individual blu-rays now. We're kind of planning a movie rewatch marathon over the Christmas break. We'd have to rent them from the regular movie rental I may cave and buy them. Now we're pretty traumatized that we have to wait until next November for the next movie and the following November for the last one. 
So now we'll be getting back to life as usual and I'll actually take some photos so I can blog about our cute boys.


JessieLeigh said...

Oh no... I'm not sure if we can be friends anymore. Really? VAMPIRES? ;) Just kidding. Well, about the friends part. There's no way on God's green earth anyone's getting me to watch and/or read any of that series. I know lots of people love them but, well, there's little in this world that I loathe more than fantasy/sci fi type stuff. Glad you guys enjoyed them though! And glad to have you back! :)

Our Homeschool Fun said...

This is hilarious! You know I love Twilight:-). Glad you finally jumped on board!