Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Morning

Reese's Christmas break began December 20th and Kyle's the 24th. We have been so busy playing that I haven't really taken any photos, so I haven't blogged. Finally I'm going to post our Christmas morning photos. Since we go to my mom's house on Christmas morning to open gifts and then stay for Christmas dinner we decided to do "Christmas morning" at our house on Christmas Eve. Reese actually passed the tree with all the gifts under it as he came to our bed at 5am.  I was shocked he just crawled under the covers and went to sleep. I thought maybe he didn't notice even though we left the tree lights on overnight. When we woke up at 9am Kyle asked Reese is he thought Santa had come to our house. Reese said yes he saw the presents!! Ha ha I can't believe he didn't want to wake us and open them at 5am!!
 Gus went straight to the big ones.
 Then he spent a lot of time trying to reach stuff behind the big ones!

Reese was super excited about the Batman muscle suit Santa brought. He asked every Santa we saw this year for the suit. He wore it the rest of the day.

 Gus' favorite seemed to be this piano. The little round colored buttons play real songs like Love Shack and ABC,123.  He loves dancing to the music.

 Reese and Daddy have both been enjoying the Imaginext Aircraft Carrier from Grandpop Joe.
 Gus was pretty amazed by the Car Garage from Grandpop Joe.
 Reese is so happy with anything superhero. I'm excited to try out Chutes and Ladders!
 Gus loves all the books Mommy chose. I found these Lois Ehlert's at Costco for cheap!!
 Gus really got into ripping off the paper!
 Reese got tons of imaginext...we really like these toys. I found this TRex on sale for $5!!!

Both boys really enjoyed opening gifts. Even Gus ripped the paper off. They were very excited with all of their loot and spent a long time checking everything out.  After Gus' nap we headed over to Kyle's parents' house for Christmas Eve dinner and opening gifts with them...I forgot my camera.  Reese was ecstatic to receive the imaginext BatCave from Gigi and Grandad.

The next morning we went to Mimi and Poppop's house. He is overjoyed with his talking spiderman action figure and batman's batcopter. Mommy was particularly happy with lightbright!! Cube style so they can both play together. 

Kyle has been enjoying playing with PlayStation3 Move. I'm thinking perhaps I can use this to exercise and I'll be tricked into thinking it's fun. Ha ha!! 
We were happy NOT to have a white Christmas this year. It made traveling to each grandparents house so much easier!!

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

Reese is adorable in that muscle suit! He is so fun with his superhero obsession:-)--I love it.

I love that picture of Gus by the garage with his mouth wide open--that's priceless Heather! He looks like he really ripped into his stuff! Those are some fun pictures of him opening presents.

We LOVE Imaginext here too. They have some neat stuff, and it is so durable!

Y'all sound like you had a really nice Christmas together and with your families.