Monday, June 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Wow what a blog slacker I've been! We have actually done some stuff since last meal plan day! Ha ha. I guess I've been remiss in loading my photos to the computer. We overslept and missed school on Tuesday (they were off Mon/Wed) so Reese only attended his last day, which was Thursday. I am so happy school is over. I don't think I deal with it every year until Gus graduates in 2027. (Wow that is a little freaky...class of '27).

We spent the only good day slaving away on the playground building. Kyle's dad helped us from 10am-7pm with a short lunch break. I got totally sun burned. We went to an outside birthday party dressed for winter. But they had a great park so Reese had fun.

Today marked the first day of Daddy's new job (promotion!). He found out not only is training on day shift, but they really don't have swing except on the rarest occasions. So for now his raise will make up for the swing shift differential loss and keep us the same, but no OT until he's trained and ready to work alone. So we have to buckle down on the spending!
Today is also Day One of Potty Training!!!
We will now be having normal breakfast/lunch/dinner times. I'm used to having dinner at 1:30pm before Kyle goes to work. Now we'll start eating when he comes home about 4:30pm. Even though we ate normal breakfast and lunch Reese couldn't wait and had a "snack" at 4pm--the other half of his veggie burger (from lunch) and clementines.
MONDAY: chicken enchiladas with green sauce and mexican rice
TUESDAY: potato soup and green salad
WEDNESDAY: stubbs Pork Chops on the grill, curry cauliflower, rice
THURSDAY: Ham, macaroni and cheese, broccoli
FRIDAY: Stir Fry with brown rice
SATURDAY: leftovers
SUNDAY: Pork Loin Roast, roasted potatoes, carrots, celery

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Our Journey to Forever said...

You've got alot of changes going on currently, but they all sound positive, except for the potty training:-). I'm not one who minds diaper changing and am such a slacker when it comes to potty training!

OK, you put me to shame with your menu planning. I am still so bad when it comes to cooking real dinners regularly.

Good luck with the new job, the potty training and getting your playground equipment finished up!