Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lunch Date

We had a lunch date today at Applebees. 2 Mamas and 5 kiddos aged 3 or less. Here's the crew:1 month/ 3 yrs 4 months/ 12 months/ 3 years 5 months/ 25 months

It actually went better than you would think. Only one falling from the chair injury. The people sitting closest to us left pretty quickly after we sat down so we weren't really even drowning out anyone's conversations. One 1 month old baby slept the entire time! We even got to fully (I think) cover two topics of Mama conversation. I am happy to report Reese sat so nicely next to me. Of course his burger was HOT on arrival so he was convinced it was too hot the whole time. He had to wait to eat it once we arrived home--- when it had sufficient time to cool, you know.
Two sweet brothers getting along famously!
It is always nice when the bigger brother puts up with his little brothers face and ear investigations. (Not sure why Gus' finger is in Reese's ear, but Reese doesn't seem to mind.)


Julie said...

Cute!!! So jealous! I wish I could have gone too! Ethan messes with JP all the time, and for the most part, JP puts up with it very well. Especially when they are watching a tv show, Ethan is practically in his lap!

JessieLeigh said...

Is there ANYTHING cuter than little boys in OshKosh shortalls? I don't believe so. :)