Monday, June 14, 2010

Playground Open for Business

The playground is finally finished!! Woo hoo! Just in time for our not so summer weather.

Reese is pretty excited with big boy swing. He also LOVES the slide but would not demonstrate as long as I had the camera out.

Gus loves his swing too. We took down one of the big boy swings and replaced it with Gus' toddler swing that we had hanging in the basement. I love how his hair flies up and he squeals. Too cute!
Here's the whole thing. Seriously that parking garage in the background is not nearly as overwhelming and offensive in person. I think it's so in your face here because I am standing on the steps to the back door instead of on ground level. Hmm...maybe this is how Kyle always sees it, but I mostly see the fence.
Reese thought it was really fun to give Gus some pushes on the swing. He was a little annoyed that Gus couldn't walk up the slide though.
Hopefully this will provide LOTS of outside fun!


The White House said...

i never noticed that you had a parking garage for a neighbor. seriously. how have i missed that?! can't wait to play when we all feel better!

JessieLeigh said...

So fun! We were the lucky inheritors of my sister's family's playscape (her boys are 8 and 10 not) and it's so wonderful to have! Both your boys look so cute enjoying their swings. :) We did the same thing and replaced one of the "big kid" swings with a baby swing for G. It is WONDERFUL to have that place to play in our yard and not have to schlep to the park every time!! (Bonus? We have a screened porch on the rear of our home where I can sit on the porch swing and just watch the 4 and 5yo's play.... bug-free.)