Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gus Got a TOOTH!!!

Gus finally got a tooth! His bottom right tooth popped through on the 15th...11 days before his 1st birthday. Reese got his first tooth 16 days before his 1st birthday. We assumed it was so late because he was premature. If he'd full term he would have been 9 months old. But Gus was only 2 weeks early and still has late blooming teeth, so I guess our kids just are late teeth getters.
Really that is just fine with me. If he'd had teeth way back we may not have made it this long nursing.Another nice thing is that we haven't had to brush until now. Gus was pretty into his first brushing experience.He wouldn't let go of the brush even to pet the cat.
She must be getting old, because Tara never let Reese do this. Gus totally rolled over onto her and just laid there. And she just let him do it.
He is at work on his bottom left tooth as we speak. We'll see if it's there in the morning!

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JessieLeigh said...

Fun! Another milestone! My first two were late teethers, but G got hers around 8 months. So... if you decide to go for that girl, you never know. ;)