Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Prep

I intended to discuss my Thanksgiving prep as I went along, but totally forgot and never seemed to find time. So obviously it's a little late to just start thinking about it now---are there even turkeys left at the store that are not frozen?
So this is what I did: Last week I finalized my menu choices. I pulled a new veggie side dish from a magazine and searched the web for a new stuffing recipe. Over the weekend I shopped for my groceries and am fairly sure I got everything I need. Saturday I took my turkey out of the freezer and left it in it's original packaging to thaw in the fridge in the roasting pan -- I use it because it is deep and I know it will keep any yucky poultry juice from touching my fridge.
Tuesday I baked a pie. Normally I would wait until Wednesday or even the day of, but I decided to make pie crust from scratch for the first time ever. I decided on this recipe. These photos show Reese's contribution to the effort.

This is the first attempt:
Horrible!!! Good thing I did it today so tomorrow I can go get the roll out pillsbury dough boy kind. But first I smooshed it back into a ball and put it in the fridge to chill. I started again and it worked!
This is my 100% scratch apple pie with little acorns around the edge.
Tomorrow: side dish prep and turkey brining.

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