Friday, November 6, 2009

Handy Reesie

We have been meaning to hang our picture wall for quite some time. One corner of our dining room used to have the china cabinet and another had some photos. In order to have a Christmas tree we move the cabinet so it covered the photos, but opened up a huge corner for the tree that could be seen from the living room and the front window. Well, we never moved the cabinet back, so we are finally putting photos up in the Christmas tree's corner.
When the first nail went in Reese ran off. He quickly came back with his bag of tools that he dumped on the floor. We were thinking what the heck is the deal mister? But he was after his own hammer and promptly took over the step ladder to get to work!

He hammered a bit on the wall in general.
Then he busted out the safety glassesEventually he insisted Dad let him hammer a real nail.
The finished wall with no flash to avoid the glare so it's hard to see.

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