Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I don't know what happened last week but we ate almost nothing on the menu. The ziti lasted a lot longer than I expected for leftovers. The chicken I was going to do in the crockpot, but forgot to put it in so I just roasted it in the oven. Unfortunately I also tried a home made gratin potato thing. The milk bubbled over and burned to the oven bottom and set the fire alarm off twice and stunk up the house. It was horriffic. So we had Burger King on our way to the store to buy oven cleaner. UGH!!!!
Monday: try again, roasted chicken, potato gratin from November 09 Everyday Food magazine, roasted squash (I'm trying a striped one shaped like an acorn squash).
Tuesday: baked ziti (I accidentally bought double the ricotta cheese last week, so we're having it again but a different recipe.)
Wednesday: butternut squash ravioli
Thursday: Red Beans and Quinoa Chili (I keep planning to do this then not getting to it!)
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: Black Bean, Corn, Barley Burritos (except we may go out to dinner for Kyle's uncle's bday)
Sunday: leftovers or Saturday's meal if we end up going out saturday.

Check out many more ideas at OrgJunkie.

Hmmm....can you tell we just watched Food, Inc tonight (coming soon to intsant play on Netflix if you don't want to waste a dvd pick on it). We've been buying organic for awhile and eating more "whole foods" but kind of loosely. We're renewing our commitment to it and really going to try to stick with it this time. It's just so easy to hit the fast food drive thru in a pinch.

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