Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer has Arrived

 FINALLY Summer has arrived and we know this not because of the balmy weather but because the drive in is open! 
The boys play on the playground before the show. You can see the screen behind them on the swings...yes that's Gus in my shadow...oops.
 They also get in some kicking and catching practice with the soccer ball and football.
 We've been showing up at about 7:30 to make sure we get a good spot...I try to park away from the smokers. That gives us plenty of time to play.
 Usually we eat some pizza in the back of the van and then get the boys' jammies on.
Then we dole out our snacks and get the boys in their sleeping bags.
So far this season we've seen the Hunger Games/The Lucky One, Men In Black 3/Ghost Rider 2, Dark Shadows/Wraith of the Titans, Snow White & the Huntsman/Battleship. We love that it's a double feature for cheaper than the regular theater for one show. While we did have a babysitter for the Hunger Games it's awesome that it's not a requirement. We can play, eat and get the boys ready for bed then watch in the front seats while listening the surround sound on the car stereo. Perfect summer fun!

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