Friday, May 18, 2012

The Avengers

 Yes, I know there's been quite the controversy: to take your underage child to the PG-13 movie or make him wait. Since my husband has been grooming the boys to be super hero fans essentially since birth we went to the theater.  We decided to wait until Monday night so we weren't freaks with a 5 year old in the opening night crowds...mostly so i could avoid the judgmental people. But we needn't have worried. Reese, aka Iron Man, was not the youngest audience member. The weekend before Poppop came over for a hero marathon (Thor, IronMan, Hulk) and a few weeks before that they watched Captain America together so everyone was up to date on the heroes' individual stories.
Reese attended in full costume (I made him leave the noise making weapons at home though). He thoroughly enjoyed the show. He commented on quite a bit and yelled at the screen a time or two. But it didn't seem to bother anyone. One human good guy was killed which distressed me, but I'm not positive Reese even registered it since he wasn't a character that mattered to Reese. He did take a few minutes to sort out why Hawkeye, who Reese LOVES, was a bad guy for awhile, but he was able to sort out the particulars pretty quickly and "get it."  I was happy they addressed (although briefly) the various romances from the individual story lines. ;)
We all really enjoyed the movie and Reese is anxiously awaiting it's release on blu-ray. In the meantime he superhero battles with Gus and Daddy daily.

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