Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toilet Fun?

While I was apparently failing to pay attention Gus grabbed gobs of toilet paper. He then proceed to run like a mad man out of the bathroom, through the kitchen, onto the living room chair.
Reese broke the strand. Gus abandoned his chair post and latched on to the part still attached where Reese had broken it. A tug of war ensued. I decreed they must cease and desist with pulling new paper off the roll. I threw up my hands and said "Whatever, you may as well play with the part you've pulled off." But the oh so helpful Reese decided to snatch it all from his brothers clutches. And bolted...

While I desperately screamed "NO! NOT! IN! THE! TOILET! NO FLUSHING!!!!!!"
But he got it all into the toilet....and flushed. Here is my bowl seemingly completely dry except for the dripping wet wad of about half a roll of TP. I called Kyle to ask if I could just flush some more or what. He said absolutely not. He said "You (meaning me) need to pick it out by hand and put it in the trash." Well, we had some places to be and ran out of time. Luckily my husband is awesome and when he came home from work he immediately checked it and scooped all the TP out into the trash by hand without complaint. Hooray!!

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

This is hilarious!

We have to watch Jesse like a hawk anytime he is near the bathroom. He gets in there all the time without us knowing it and either does what Gus did, or puts entire rolls from the cabinet in the toilet :-). Thank goodness he hasn't learned to flush yet.

Oh, and Jamie does that stuff here too. I do not :-).