Saturday, August 20, 2011

Garden Monsters

Oh yeah, these are the babies coming out of our garden. I am certain I check daily and yet they go from way too little to pick (like mini sweet gherkin pickle sized) to this gigantic monster of a zucchini. This one really tested Reese's muscles. I spent the better part of a day shredding it. I'd shred a little, do something else, shred a little, do something else...on and on. My elbow and wrist REALLY hurt. My friend Anya pointed out that I was a lunatic and need to use the food processor. When I discovered that her full size processor has a shred attachment that my mini-prep does not I packed up my 18.5 pounds of zucchini and dropped them off at her house the next morning. The boys and I headed out for a play date, then swung by her house on the way home to pick up beautifully shredded zucchini...not soggy like my shredded by hand zucchini. She kept one honking big zucchini and I took home 2 or 3 gallon ziploc bags--geez I can't remember how many. I gave one bag away. I made 89 muffins with the rest. My hand shredded one filled a 12 qt tupperware bowl. I used that first. I still have about a half a gallon of shredded zucchini to use up. I only have 2 muffins pans so all the waiting to be able to refill them made me run out of time and I haven't revisited baking day. But I will!
Now the search for yummy ways to eat normal sized zucchini begins.

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