Friday, March 25, 2011


Literally every single day superheros invade my home.

Gus is operating the Iron Man full helmet with great skill these days. His little hand is pushing buttons that makes it talk. The other hand is holding the Indiana Jones whip Poppop helped Reese make at their last sleepover. At his feet is an Optimus Prime mask. All heros and their gear are welcomed here.It is so funny to me that Gus has gotten into the costumes so much earlier than Reese. I guess a boy must do what his big bro does as soon as he notices it's happening. Of course, gus has to have the legs and sleeves cuffed since all the suits are Reese's size.

But we wear our suits for all occasions, work and play.

They are shockingly agreeable when it comes to sharing. This is Reese in the full Iron Man suit and helmet. The Iron man suit was actually Reese's very first dress up costume.

On this day Reese declared Gus as Superman to be his Spiderman sidekick. I'm not sure what comic book Superman fans would have to say about that or about the Man of Steel riding on a cow. Reese is very into having a sidekick right now. Gus is just happy to be included in the fun.
The Batman suit came from Santa who I assure you searched high and low at a not Halloween season and paid top dollar to acquire said suit. I loathe it as it is ill-fitting (HUGE, hard chest, super skinny arms and legs). But both of the boys love it. Now we need Robin. The new Young Justice Robin has a way cooler suit than the old Robin. I hope there are costumes next Halloween.
So this is how we spend our days, hurling webs and leaping tall buildings (ottomans) in single bounds.

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JessieLeigh said...

So cute! My boy was never a huge dress up fan, but I currently live in perennial princess land. :) They could could use a couple super heros to round things out! (p.s. Glad to have you back!)