Sunday, March 27, 2011

Music Man

We record a few superhero cartoons and Scooby movies on the tivo. If I am sitting and watching I'll fast forward through the commercials. If not, Reese watches them. ugh. He discovered a "movie" he wanted to watch during the commercials. It was comcast's ad for Taylor Swift On Demand. So we went on YouTube and found the video in the commercial. "Mine" is the title but Reese calls it "put your arm for the first time" ha ha! The line in the commercial he heard over and over was "You put your arm around me for the first time." Reese wants to watch over and over again. Every time he tells me "I like her white dress", "OOO baby!!" and "He's 4 just like me!" These are the scenes of their wedding, new baby and 4th birthday cake. It cracks me up. He loves it. He also loves the Megamind dance to Michael Jackson's "Bad", so he watches Bad and Beat It too. It is so funny listening to him sing along. Whenever Kyle is in the car he plays those on his iPod and Reese just belts it out and dances in his car seat. Hysterical!

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