Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Plague

The plague hit our home. Reese woke up about midnight one night hacking and wheezing. He seemed like he might cough until he threw up so I took him in the bathroom where he spent about 10 minutes hacking over the toilet. His fever was 104. UGH....so we took some ibuprofen and turned on the shower steam and then went out on the porch to breathe the cold air. Eventually he fell back to sleep. The next day he laid on the couch watching tv all day. He awoke from his nap crying hysterically, fever 105. So I called the pediatrician. They were able to fit us in. They decided it was croup from the parainfluenza virus (since normally croup has a lower fever.)We spent about 5 days with the super high fever before it finally tapered off. Then the snot came...ugh it lasted forever. I found these forehead things called Be Kool, that are gel-like stickers. They were very cool..he said they made him feel better.
In the middle of this Kyle got 3 days of flu symptoms. I washed my hands so much they were about to crack off. But it worked because I only got a couple of days of sore throat, no actual cold or flu. Hooray. Gus just got mild runny nose. This was all back in the second week of March.
Now, of course, the plague got me. I had a week of headaches, went to the eye doctor thinking my prescription must have changed. It barely did. Turns out it was a sinus headache, then the snot came...ugh. I am really hoping today this is the last of it. This is spring break and we had big plans. I don't want to have to reschedule everything!


Our Homeschool Fun said...

This is terrible! What pitiful pictures of Reese too. I truly hope y'all get to have some Spring Break fun! You ALL deserve it!

JessieLeigh said...

Oh, I am SO sorry, Heather. It is so hard to have sick kiddos and equally hard to try to function as "sick Mama." Those gel patches sound pretty cool, though, and I'm glad they at least helped Reese feel a bit better. The plague hit here yesterday... 104 degree fever for G and vomiting for C. Lovely. We'll see what today brings!