Saturday, January 29, 2011

Parent Mobile

A few days ago I took our car in to the dealer because the check engine light had come on. I asked what the trade in value was...just for info, getting our ducks in a row. If we have a third baby we'll need a van, so we'd like to plan ahead. They just happened to have a 2010 Town and Country on the lot super loaded with great incentives. It was determined we could get a great deal. We hashed it out and decided we weren't ready. I called the salesman and let him know we weren't coming in to test drive. We'd be back later in the year. So he called us back with another option. So into the dealership we went. Test drove an awesome van that was a super deal, but still way out of our price range. Our guy had another customer so we got to deal straight with his manager. We told him this was just too much car for us. We needed to stay cheaper, but of course now we really liked the goodies on the car we drove. We decided what goodies we needed and what we could pay. Off he went to see what he could find.

Reese and Gus really enjoyed the free popcorn and bottled water while we waited to see what was available. He came back with a silver 2011 Grand Caravan Crew. Adjustable pedals, telescoping leather wrapped (luxuriously smooth) steering wheel, stow and go seats (they fold down into the floor when you don't want to use them), BACK UP CAMERA (so we can parallel park!), 30gigs of hard drive to store music so we don't need to have cds or ipods in the car (though it has a cd player and ipod jack), sirus radio, fancy schmancy dash board stuff, roof racks, 12 oil changes/tire rotations/car washes/vacuums. It is very cool! And super cheap payments! Woo Hoo!!

It was dark by the time we got home so this isn't the best photo, but this is our new parent-mobile.


JessieLeigh said...

Congrats on your new wheels! Woo hoo! Sounds you're all set to add another car seat to the mix... ;)

Julie said...

Look at you! Welcome to the club! I love ours even when we just had two kiddos. I loved the room and stow and go is really nice. Our back seat is that way.