Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 Organizing Resolution

 Oh yeah I am so all over this New Year's Resolution stuff! I discovered on Thursday that Organizing Junkie was hosting a 52 weeks of organizing challenge and decided to do it. Which spurred me to get posting in the new year with our other resolutions too. I printed the form she created and filled in 26 of the 52 weeks with goals. Goal #1: deal with the Christmas toys.
 There are no before photos as these toys issues did not exist before except as gift wrapped boxes under our tree. That bin shelf is now where the bookcase used to be.  It holds top row: Transformers, Superheroes, Playfood, Ironman stuff (yeah he's been a favorite long enough to need his own bin). 2nd row: Toy Story, lacers, animals, Pixar legos. 3rd row: Cars 18 wheelers, hodge podge, monster bowling, dinosaur puppets. bottom row: soft squeaky blocks, foam  blocks, view finder, vehicles. The basket holds our newest books right now, but after the Christmas new wears off it will be our featured reading for the week or so. There's a green bucket behind Gus that holds the drum sticks and mallets. When not in use the drums get stacked.
 That bin used to be here where this eye sore black shelf now sits. Eventually we'd like Land of Nod shelves, but for now this will do. Almost everything on this shelf was a Christmas present...lots of big stuff. That aircraft carrier and batcave on the bottom were our biggest problems and this style shelf really fits them. The game situation on the top will probably change because it interferes with the wall decor. The bookshelf moved over to the far right on the wall and the riding toys fit in between.
Reese's bed is the race car that is to the immediate left of the drums from the first photo. That cube thing is not really great for our current phase. I don't like having the pig and the bead thing smashed in the same hole, but...for now this is what we're doing.  I didn't get a photo of the living room toys, but Gus now has his younger aged stuff in a big square Longaberger in the living room. None of the little people stuff (big barn for example) has to be out there uncontained now because it's on the shelf.

I am very happy to have completed challenge week #1. Woo hoo! We are not behind. As I write this Kyle is at Lowe's getting supplies for one of his projects which I assigned weeks 19 and 20.  He's so excited about this challenge he's jumping ahead.
See how other people are solving their organizing challenges at Organizing Junkie.


Anonymous said...

Great job! My husband will most likely be helping me too since he is the more organized of the two of us. I would be considered a "messy" or sidetracked type person, while he says very much on track and does not leave a room until it is clean. Opposites attract right?

Martha (MM) said...

Awesome! This should be fun trying to reach our goals together with a team :-)

JessieLeigh said...

Wow- good for you! Taming the toy clutter can be a huge challenge. Last fall, we did a major paring down of the playroom, but we are DEFINITELY due for another one. :)

Julie said...

I like it! Great job too. We need to do a Christmas toy purge and pass on a few things that the boys just don't play with. I should be more organized too!