Sunday, January 16, 2011

better than football

The high hopes we had for the Seahawks today turned out to be a huge letdown. We went to Kyle's parents to watch them make know the team with the losing record winning during the playoffs to make it to the superbowl...yeah.  The game was so hideous Kyle didn't even make us finish watching it.
Since that game was such a bust Reese and Gus went back to their tried and true, always good for endless fun, climb in the tv stand game. Note that the LOST series box is removed. It had to find a new home because this game has become so popular they can no longer take turns. They have to both fit in at once.

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Our Homeschool Fun said...

HA! I can't believe they are still doing this! This is a super picture too.

In my boy filled home we are not super huge sports fans believe it or not and I'm not complaining about it:). I can see it changing in the future though!