Thursday, September 27, 2012

Visiting the Aquarium

 One of Gus' birthday gifts was a membership to the Seattle Aquarium. Way back in late July we walked on the ferry and strolled down to the aquarium for our first time ever. 
The boys really liked the tide pool stuff and the octopus. They couldn't get enough of the Octopus photo ops.
 We may have spent more time on this section than anything else!
 But the conversation was focused on sharks. I was afraid we may actually experience the end of the world if this place did not produce a shark for viewing.  Luckily we found a few. I failed to snap a photo but in one of the other tanks like this shark one was a diver who played with the boys through the window for quite sometime.
 My favorites were the cute seals. The weather was so perfect we were actually able to enjoy the outside pools.
 We are looking forward to many more visits for the next year because both boys loved it and the walk on ferry option makes it an easy walk!  Who else can walk to their city's aquarium? :)

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