Friday, September 28, 2012

Northwest Trek

 The last weekend of July we visited Northwest Trek.  Unfortunately it was the coldest day of the summer. You get on a tram that drives you through the park with a narrator tram driver, then there is a walk around part.
This moose was practically on the road. I could have literally reached out and touched him.
 There were a handful of bison babies.  The mama was absolutely gigantic. I wish there was something for size perspective.
 This cutie really enjoyed the tram ride, but it was hard to know if he was actually seeing a lot of the animals that weren't right in his face easy to see.
 I think these were elk, also really large animals.
 This guy was super cute!! A beaver specifically trained for special programs. She doesn't get to live with the other beavers anymore :( so she'll remain engaged with the humans. But apparently she is always given an option to perform or not and she seems to thrive on the attention.
 This bear seems super close but there is a huge fence between us.
 These cheese balls had a great time checking out all the animals.
 Though they frequently moaned about how tired their legs were.
 This beaver kept dive bombing the window and high fiving the boys. It was pretty hilarious.
Family portrait with the bear. I'm about 12 weeks along at this point.

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